Questions à Amplive au sujet de ses remixes de Radiohead

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Intrigué par Amplive et ses Rainydayz, des remixes de Rainbows de Radiohead (j'en parlais ici), j'ai soumis au DJ quelques questions, via son Myspace, voici ses réponses (un peu convenues à mon goût), reçues jeudi.

Why did you want to make remixes of Radiohead's "In Rainbows" ? I wanted to remix the album because I liked it to so much when I first listened to it.   I make music off of what I feel and the feeling I got off of some of those songs when I first heard them was so tight.

How long did it take you make them ?  Well, as a whole album, it took about a month to totally finish everything.  I recreated some of the songs with live instruments, thats what took the longest.

Can you explain why you needed the approval of Radiohead or their producer to release your work ? Did you have to sign any kind of contract with the company [Warner] ? Well, I needed Radioheads approval because they owned the original material that I was using.  

Do you think other DJ-producers can follow your example by remixing "famous" artists ? Well, Radiohead isnt the first artist I have remixed.  They are just the first artist that I remixed in this way, doing the remix first then clearing it.  I think you should always try to work with an artist directly in doing a remix.  It will always come out better.

What are your plans for the future ? Making your own album ? yes, i have a bunch of plans in the future.  I am working on the new Zion I album, The Take Over.  I am also working on a bunch of is the soul singer Codany Holiday, he sings on "15 Stepz" and the mighty K.Flay.  And yes, I will be make a bunch of solo being "Electrowonderland Vol. 2"..look out for it soon.  

In music, which artists are you main influences ?  I get influenced by everything..its soo much tight music out there and producers.  Its just what I feel.

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